be better.

when people say they’ve found the one
they often say that The One makes them a better person
makes them want to be better.

How does this happen?
because you are constantly
trying to make me different.
peel away this awkward layer
restructure the way you think
wipe that look of disinterest off & plaster on fake enthusiasm

is that what they mean?
when they say The One makes them a better person
who are they becoming better for?
or their partner?

because all of these changes
all of these nagging
to fit the book
are all superficial
they’re interests
& hobbies
& not definitive characteristics
but you treat them as if they’re all dealbreakers

in my core
in my deepest parts
i care about family
& having an excellent work ethic
& supporting myself
& being a good listener
& animals
& giving back to my community

but that seems almost irrelevant
because i dont like to gamble
& hate last minute plans
& detest all forms of cardio
& hate being interrupted with bombarding questions
& cant function in a messy room
& hate laziness

so let me ask again
when they say The One makes them a better person
i need to know,
for who?

Author: earthtomars

we're bigger than the sum of broken parts.

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