i get so lost inside these cities…

I’m definitely an independent explorer

& as advantageous as it is to wander in numbers, I don’t ever feel I can be completely myself & take in each new city with unspoiled eyes.

we’re just not being honest with each other when we’re absorbed in others’ company.

so instead I stick to daylight adventures
& hole up in my room in the evenings

my comfort food has become thai food from whatever the closest 3+ starred restaurant on yelp is.

every layover I’ve had, I find myself indulging in my favorites entrees: spicy eggplant, pad kee maw, or yellow curry with sticky rice.

something about it grounds me.
despite living like the serena van der woodsens of the world
hotel to hotel
with balconies always bearing a different view
of new cities im not yet familiar with

hello there
id like to know you
every season
every shade of you.

Author: earthtomars

we're bigger than the sum of broken parts.

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