consider this:
would you prefer a man who readily misses you,
says it, no-holds-barred,
but may not know the weight of it?


a man who measures out his thoughts,
his words,
& the implications it may have on your world,
& although he may not mean it [yet..]
will say it because he knows the weight it carries to you?
because your world shifts slightly when he says it
it means more.. by meaning less.. if that’s even possible.

a man who says it to make you happy.
because even if it doesnt come naturally to him,
its what he’ll do. for you.

a few months from now,
this entire note may read as a red flag
disguised as hope.
we’ll just have to wait..
will the other shoe ever drop?
how long will you wait to see?

Author: earthtomars

we're bigger than the sum of broken parts.

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