i dont know why it pleases me so
when you can call my bluff
read my tells
mimic my reactions & comebacks
in response to your own

my 8th grade English teacher singled me out in front of the class one afternoon
in the middle of his reiteration of an extensive list of assignments we had yet to turn in
he had just told us he’d only give us the rest of the class to finish it all, so make it count–
when he gave pause to his thoughts,
& told the class that he always knew when he was pushing us too hard
piling it on too thick
or just plain broke us
because of my face.
apparently my face had no filter
my candid expression bought us an extra study period
my 8th grade self was pretty proud of that

but my 28 year old self wishes
she wasnt so easy to blush
& be wooed
& wouldnt turn all starry-eyed
every time you asked, “why are you making that face?”
& i respond innocently, “what face? i can’t see my face?”
& you go on & call my bluff for the thousandth time
reading my thoughts as clear as day.
its like youre that magician asking, “is this your card?”
& i plead for you to do that trick again & again.

Author: earthtomars

we're bigger than the sum of broken parts.

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